Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Night Rating

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A night rating is a valuable aid to a pilot, enabling him/her to fly at night. In order to be issued with a night rating in South Africa, the following requirements need to be met:


  • An applicant for a night rating must be the holder of a valid pilot’s licence
  • An applicant for a night rating must have undergone the following training at a CAA approved flight training institution:
  • 5 theoretical knowledge instruction
  • A minimum of 10 hours instrument training, of which at most 5 hours may be flown in an approved simulation device
  • Not less than 5 take offs and landings as the pilot manipulating the controls while under dual instruction
  • In the case of helicopters, not less than 5 circuits and 5 take offs and landings while under dual flight instruction
  • A night rating is valid for as long as the pilot’s licence is valid


  • The holder of a valid night rating may exercise all the privileges of his/her licence at night

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